Sister of NEW can help you meet your employment needs.

Sister of NEW has a group of job-ready women available for long-term careers or interim jobs.

Sister of NEW will screen applicants against your requirements and send you qualified candidates. Sister of New teaches sexual harassment/discrimination prevention in order to equip women with tools to diffuse the beginnings of any harassment. Students are given job readiness and interview skills to prepare them for entering apprenticeships.

Sister of NEW provides placement services to all women who graduate from training. During training, students are evaluated by journey-level tradesmen and women to determine their suitability for the trades. At the end of training, each woman decides which trade she would like to pursue.

Sister of NEW will guide the graduate through every step of application. Trades and employers may require interviewing, testing, or additional training before accepting a candidate.

Trades Math

Sister of New provides intensive, structured trades-focused math instruction as a vital component of each cycle of the training program. NEW students are given the opportunity to demonstrate mastery of trades-related math areas including whole numbers, fractions, decimals, algebra, and geometry.


The curriculum includes hands-on instruction (carpentry, blueprint reading, basic electricity and painting) all taught by members of the individual trade.

Our plan will focus on Miami-Dade County of southern, Florida, however will be available to applicants for areas surrounding Broward County.  In combination with our relationship with the local division of the Department of Labor, and due to the following statistics for Broward and Miami Dade Counties, we expect to have enough applicants to our program to fill our maximum capacity for the full term of the grant project.  With our first publication of the Sister of N.E.W. program, over 100 women applied for the program.