Frequently Asked Questions


What can I learn at Sister of NEW?

  • Basic carpentry, electricity, painting, and plumbing
  • Job safety
  • Trades math
  • Health and physical fitness
  • Blueprint reading
  • Interview strategies
  • Employment rights and responsibilities
  • Life skills



Am I eligible to study at Sister of NEW?

You must be at least 18 years old. Other requirements, specific to each program, are described at orientation sessions.


How can I register for classes?

All applicants must attend an information session before being considered for our programs. At the information session, you will fill out an application and learn about our curriculum and eligibility requirements.



What is the admissions process?

  1. Attend information session at Sister of NEW.
  2. Complete appropriate paperwork.
  3. If determined eligible, attend an interview with Sister of NEW's recruiter.



What does "nontraditional employment" mean?

The U.S. Department of Labor defines nontraditional occupations as those in which women comprise less than 25 percent of the total workers. This category includes a vast range of jobs. Sister of NEW focuses on skilled blue-collar work, because it pays more and provides better benefits, even to those without college degrees.


What kind of tests will I need to take before I am admitted into the program?

You will be tested in math and reading, in order to help Sister of NEW evaluate your ability to complete the training requirements.



What makes skilled blue-collar work a good choice for women?

  • High pay. Wages in your first year will range from $15 -$17. Once a woman completes the apprenticeship program, she can earn as much as $36.00/hr.
  • Excellent medical benefits.
  • Pensions and paid annuities.
  • Training. Many blue-collar jobs offer technical.