Sister of NEW prepares women for nontraditional careers in the construction, utilities, and transportation industries.

Through its innovative training programs, Sister of NEW graduates successfully compete for skilled blue-collar careers that enable women to achieve economic self-sufficiency.

Sister of NEW programs include a mix of hands-on shop skills, classroom instruction, physical fitness assessment, job development and placement services, social service referrals, and case management.

After graduating from our pre-apprenticeship training program, Sister Of  NEW graduates enter apprenticeship programs and begin working in the construction, utilities, and transportation industries.

Who can apply to be a Sister Of NEW student?

Females that:

  • Are at least 18 years of age;
  • Are interested in pursuing a skilled blue-collar career;
  • Are willing and able to perform 8 hours of physical work.


What makes skilled blue-collar work a good choice for women?

  • High pay. Wages in your first year will range from $15 -$17. Once a woman completes the apprenticeship program, she can earn as much as $36.00/hr.
  • Excellent medical benefits.
  • Pensions and paid annuities.
  • Training. Many blue-collar jobs offer technical classroom training as well as on-the-job training.


Sister of NEW helps women face the challenges of working in a blue-collar field:

  • Construction work starts very early; So NEW helps women find early morning childcare.
  • Blue collar professions are physically and mentally demanding. Most jobs require early hours and lots of lifting and carrying. Sister Of New Corp helps women prepare for these challenges.
  • Year-round outdoor work is required in most jobs.
  • Less than 3% of all construction workers are women. So NEW provides a support system to help women prepare to work in a predominately male environment.


Sister of NEW will help you determine if you are right for this program and help you succeed in your new nontraditional career.

At the Information Session, you will be tested in basic reading and math skills.